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HSC Economics Tutoring –

Economics is a study of the relationships between consumers, businesses, the government and other countries.  The preliminary course involves studying consumers and businesses, markets, labour markets, financial markets and the role of government in the economy.  The HSC economic course looks at the global economy and Australia’s place in it.  It also looks at various economic issues and the policies put in place to manage these issues and to achieve economic outcomes.  HSC Economics is known for its challenging and abstract concepts that students sometimes find difficult to get their head around.  However, a high mark in HSC Economics is definitely achievable for anyone who takes an interest in higher order problem solving and thinking.

HSC economic tutoringAt Master Coaching, we take a proactive approach that prepares students for their upcoming tests and exams.  HSC Economics exams have three fundamental parts: multiple choice, short answer questions and extended responses.  To help students achieve their learning objectives we improve their writing skills to ensure they are able to efficiently and directly answer questions while incorporating key course terminology and knowledge.  We assist them in crafting essay responses that meet all the syllabus requirements and also show an in-depth knowledge of modern economic trends and issues.  A key element of HSC Economics is the case study.  This is where students have to study a foreign economy and learn about their economic structures, policies and their recent trends.  We support students with this endeavour by helping them with research skills and also by helping them to understand and correctly interpret the key information in a way that allows them to meet their course requirements.  Homework will be based on student needs and their school workloads.  It will typically involve doing practice questions that refine skills learned at tutoring.  Students are encouraged to bring in anything from class they do not understand and to ask as many questions and fully engage with the tutor so as to achieve maximum results.

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