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Physics is perhaps the most unique of all offered HSC subjects for two main reasons:

  1. It is interdisciplinary, combining both technical and conceptual skills and processes.
  2. It is one of few subjects that directly increase a students’ understanding of the material world in which they live.

It is both these factors that contribute to physics being both incredibly interesting and challenging.

Unfortunately, in many schools, physics is taught in a complicated, unstructured and unapproachable fashion, creating a level of confusion within the classroom, sapping a student’s enthusiasm and giving them a perception of the subject as being too difficult for their capabilities.

How We Coach Physics

At Master Coaching we realise that when taught correctly, any student can achieve fantastic results in physics. Our teaching method goes as follows:

  • Each individual dot-point of the syllabus is taught independently and in-depth to ensure that each student properly understands the syllabus as a whole
  • Real-life examples and simplifications are used to ensure each student’s understanding and keep them engaged in the classroom
  • Lessons consist of both taught content and a mixture of past HSC papers and practice HSC-style questions to ready  each student for upcoming assessments
  • Multiple, up-to-date materials and resources are used so that students receive all available relevant information
  • Proper exam technique is taught so that students are able to effectively communicate their knowledge and claim the marks they deserve

We also provide intensive courses during school holidays prior to half-yearly and trial exams that cover all required topics and focus on a student’s specific trouble areas ensuring that performance in these exams is optimal.

Physics Tutor

Physics lessons are taught by former Caringbah Selective High School student, Zachary Karantonis, who excelled in HSC Physics and ranked first in his year.

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