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Our society is one bound by complex rules and regulations which act to both guide and protect the rights of individuals and the community at large. An understanding of the legal system, including our rights and responsibilities integral to society, is part of being an active and informed citizen.

About Legal Studies

Legal Studies focuses on the ways in which law is made, how it is structured and how it functions in both Australia and in international contexts. Learning about our legal system will allow students to develop confidence in approaching the legal system and evaluating the legal institutional structures at a local, national and international level. In addition, it allows students to undertake a comparative analysis of other international political institutional structures.

The Legal Studies syllabus aims to develop students’ knowledge of the legal system and its effectiveness in promoting a just and fair society, ultimately empowering students to actively participate as responsible citizens. This provides a context for the development of higher-order critical thinking skills which are essential for further education. An understanding of the legal system opens up a wide range of career opportunities in a myriad of fields.

How We Coach Legal Studies

An understanding of complex legal concepts is crucial; we dedicate time to ensure that students are confident and thoroughly familiar with theory and content. Our HSC experts work with students to develop an exceptionally strong foundation of legal knowledge through a combination of comprehensive syllabus coverage with detailed exam and assessment preparation.

Lessons are structured to provide students with in-depth knowledge of legal concepts in ways that are logical and easy to comprehend. Students are provided with a plethora of resources to allow them to obtain the very best marks. This includes countless exam papers, comprehensive notes, study guides and exam tips and tricks formulated by our experienced tutors!

Our dedicated tutors are also willing to put in extra time and effort to ensure success and are always available to provide feedback and assistance for all assessments. Students intending to pursue a law degree are also at a pivotal advantage as our expert tutors are experienced law students who have ‘been there and done that’ and can also offer guidance and mentorship.

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