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Discovery is the new area of study topic common to both the subjects English Advanced and English Standard. It encompasses the compulsory study of a prescribed text and a multitude of related texts in which are chosen by the student.

The ability for a student to fully comprehend the area of study takes place through a careful consideration of the students prescribed text. Through a consideration of this text it can be seen that an effective link can be found between the contextual framework in which the text has been written and how this fits into the wider ethos of the topic. Therefore the new area of study forms as a basis for a multifaceted view upon how specific texts fit into the world around us.

Students must consider ultimately the Perceptions and ideas presented in texts that are constructed through a variety of language techniques, forms, features and structures. These perceptions may be represented within a historical, social, personal, cultural framework and therefore impact upon individual interpretations of the text. At Master Coaching we are well prepared to help a student individually in the interpretation and consideration of these key concepts in the prescribed texts student’s are studying. Thus, with individualised help, students will find that they can delve into their prescribed text in great detail. Students will therefore build their knowledge through analysis and build further confidence through personalised feedback.

Discovery being a topic in which is new means that students may have some confusion as to how to study for this section though some simple techniques in which will help could include:

  1. Students should attempt to write as many responses as they can to short answer questions. The more practice a student gets at answering the variation of questions the more informed and better prepared the student will be when it comes time to attempt these questions in the HSC.
  2. Students should make a list of all techniques either visual or literary and consistently revise them. This tip is relevant for every topic a student will face, as every topic involves the analysis of a text through techniques. Techniques therefore form the foundation for all learning
  3. Students should partake in a wide range of reading. This includes reading from a variety of sources. The purpose of this is to ensure that students are aware of the various text types they can receive in this section.
  4. Students should attempt to write as many comparative essays as they can on different aspects of discovery. This constant writing will be beneficial in the fact students will improve the pace at which they write while gaining crucial feedback
  5. Students should take feedback constructively. The concept of feedback is to create a process in which students can constantly improve and achieve a final product (essay in this case) that is as close to perfection as possible.
  6. Finally students should practice the process of analysing texts with a pen in hand as to improve the pace at which they analyse texts while also widening there own capabilities when it comes too analysing texts.

Being a newly introduced topic to the English syllabus Master Coaching is aware of the importance of students to build confidence in areas of the unknown and therefore has developed fantastic resources to assist students to fully achieve their best. This is mainly achieved through the one on one help given to every student allowing for specific areas to be targeted. This targeting of key areas ultimately allows a student to achieve their full potential and continue on a path of success in the area of English.

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Master Coaching offers one on one tutoring for HSC English. We are located in Hurstville, Sydney, and also offer online tutoring for students across NSW.

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