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Throughout their HSC year students will learn, develop and refine several different English modules. Whilst these various topics may feel overwhelming for students it is useful to approach these modules as building blocks or stepping stones that come together to complete HSC English. Each step is different from the previous and it is for this reason that students may favour a particular module or struggle with another. Here at Master Coaching we aim at guiding our students through these stages and seek to prepare students to perform to the best of their ability.  

Step 1: Common module: Texts and Human Experiences

This is the first step for most levels of English. Students studying English Studies, English Standard and English Advanced will all complete this module. This step helps to ease student into thinking about a particular idea, in this case human experiences, and identifying this concept in various texts both unseen and prescribed. Students often become confident and familiar with this module. Here at Master Coaching we help students to take their first step into HSC English and help to develop their understanding of human experience by analysing and responding to various texts.

Step 2: Module A

This second step varies depending on the level of English the student is studying

Standard English study “Language, Identity and Culture”. This can be a challenging step for students as they are required to identify and analyse the culture/context within the texts they are studying and understand how it is similar or different from that of today.

Advanced English study “Textual Conversations”. This requires students to analyse two texts and compare and contrast their context, perspectives and messages. This is a major building block for students` literacy and analysis skills. Here at Master Coaching we understand that studying two texts alongside one another can be a daunting task. It is often at this stage that students develop and refine their study and note taking. We encourage students to make clear and concise notes. For example, often tables are a useful study method when comparing and contrasting two texts within the one essay.  

Step 3: Module B

This third step also varies depending on the level of English the student is studying

Standard English study “Close Study of Literature” and alternatively Advanced English study “Critical Study of Literature”. This is only a slight variation; a close study requires a detailed analysis of a text whereas for a critical study the student is expected to write, evaluate and assess with extreme detail. Detail is key in this module and students must gain an understanding of the writer’s context and the notion of “textual integrity”. Here at Master Coaching we assist students with analysis and guide them through at their own pace. The essay questions and expected responses for this module can be quite specific and focus on a particular element, facet or component of the text. It is for this reason that students often thrive and feel more confident when supported by their tutor.

Step 4: Module C

Both English Standard and Advanced study “The Craft of Writing”. This is quite a different module and is a significant step for students. Students are required to write with style, skill and sophistication. Here at Master Coaching we guide students and help to aid them in their creative development. This module concentrates on how a text is created and requires students to analyse what makes effective writing. Students are required to study texts on the list of prescribed texts as well as other additional/related texts to inspire their own piece of writing. Students may be asked to compose an imaginative, persuasive piece etc. Here at Master Coaching we work with our students to develop their writing skills and help them to translate their unique and individual ideas into sophisticated pieces of writing.

HSC English tutor

HSC English Tutors

Master Coaching offers one on one tutoring for HSC English. We are located in Hurstville, Sydney, and also offer online tutoring for students across NSW.

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