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HSC Physics Tutoring

Master coaching offers physics tutoring to students of all ability levels, either in groups or one-on-one. Sessions can also be conducted online using video conferencing. Your tutor: James achieved a band 6 in HSC Physics and is an experienced tutor…

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Four Steps Towards Success in the HSC

Throughout their HSC year students will learn, develop and refine several different English modules. Whilst these various topics may feel overwhelming for students it is useful to approach these modules as building blocks or stepping stones that come together to…

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The Secret to Creative Writing

Creative writing also often called imaginative writing is a key component of the English syllabus throughout primary school and high school. Students are expected to write creatively and use their imaginations to construct a narrative. The expectations surrounding creative writing…

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HSC English – Techniques

Techniques are key tools for students throughout their study of English. Techniques refer to the craftsmanship and expression of composers. They are a vital part of all texts and can be identified in works including; literary works, films, poems and…

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Legal studies – TOPIC 1

The first module in the legal studies course is crime and is a core that is recommended to consume 30% of lass time. This core focuses on criminal law and its processes, institutions and the potential tensions between various players…

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Top UMAT tips

The UMAT is unlike any other exam you will do in year 12. It’s difficult, intense and everyone has the same goal of getting into medicine. But - just like every other exam - doing well in the UMAT requires…

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HSC Economics Tutoring –

Economics is a study of the relationships between consumers, businesses, the government and other countries.  The preliminary course involves studying consumers and businesses, markets, labour markets, financial markets and the role of government in the economy.  The HSC economic course…

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High School English Tutoring

At Master Coaching, it is our priority to develop students' critical, analytical and writing skills to their highest potential. All new students are required to sit for a short written initial assessment. This allows us to place them in tuition…

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