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Business Studies Tutoring – Improve Your Skills to Write Short & Succinct Answers to a Questions

The business studies course engages students with relevant and current ideas in the business world.  The preliminary course covers the nature of business, business planning and business management.  The HSC course look at the operation of businesses and the process by which inputs are turned into outputs, it looks at balance sheets, cash flow, revenue statements and other financial issues as well as analysing how businesses generate revenue through marketing and how employee-employer relations are managed through human resources.  Succeeding at business studies is not difficult but it does require regular study and discipline to ensure key concepts are grasped, terminology is memorised and essay writing skills are highly developed.

business studies tutoringAt Master Coaching we train students with a rigorous focus on the syllabus content and the necessary and examinable components of the course that students need to familiarise themselves with. Our lessons prioritise upcoming exams and assessments to ensure students maximise their marks.  Exams are broken down into three main sections: multiple choice, short answer questions and two extended responses including one report and one essay.  To prepare for this, we focus on helping students to memorise the syllabus and key terminology.  We improve their writing skills so they are able to write short and succinct answers that directly answer the questions. Finally, we help them to plan, structure and answer their extended responses.  For the extended response essay we help students incorporate and prepare their case studies so they are able to give examples of and analyse real businesses so as to relate them to the theory learned in class.  Homework will be based on student needs and their school workloads.  It will typically involve doing practice questions that refine skills learned at tutoring.  Students are encouraged to bring in anything from class they do not understand and to ask as many questions and fully engage with the tutor so as to achieve maximum results.

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