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In Business Studies it is important to acknowledge the direct relevance and importance of business plans to the course in both the preliminary course and higher school certificate.  A business plan is simply a set of pre-determined aspects of a business in a broad sense. Therefore this plan can include things such as a business statement, aim, goals and even profit projection.

All aspects pertained in the business plan have individual relevance as to how they fit in with the overall perspective of how business can direct action in and around the business. For instance a business plan that pertains goals of the business reflect a striving towards achieving the individual aims of the business within a set time limit and category. This could include for example wanting to return a modest 5% profit off initial investment within the first year of opening. This goal in itself is an excellent outline and reflection upon how a business is being run and the outcomes in which are trying to be achieved.

Ultimately, it can be seen that a business plan is an excellent representation of the outstanding business that is being analysed. The use of a business plan in a general effect is the consideration that it provides the framework through which students will be able to analyse a business. Therefore, at Master Coaching the individualised tutoring sessions will show students how this method of analysis works. The personalised tutoring sessions will reflect a sentiment towards achieving a more encompassed view upon how a business plan is the fundamental embodiment of the success of a business.

A business plan is therefore a reflection of all business decisions and as a result students with guidance can deduce the overall choices of a business and how they have affected the overall business. This guidance formulates at Master Coaching through specific guidance being given towards students who reflect a key understanding of the business. In turn students ability to interpret specific data will also give them a key understanding upon how successful the business will be as well as also allowing for a deduction upon the innate desire of a business to achieve specific goals or aims either financially or socially.

Thus, it is clearly evident that at Master Coaching a foundation is given towards analysing business plans and incorporating them within learning. Therefore, a student will gain a more informed and encompassed reflection upon the nature of business and furthermore engage with how various aspects of business are reflected in such a plan.

HSC Business Studies Tutor

Master Coaching offers one on one business studies tutoring for HSC students. We are located in Hurstville, Sydney and also offer online tutoring for students across NSW.

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