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Biology Tuition at Master Coaching Hurstville

Biology is the study of all living things, from the microscopic to the interaction of whole eco-systems. An understanding of life around us, and the scientific language used to describe such phenomena is essential for further study in areas such as medicine, veterinary studies, environmental monitoring and scientific research.

About Biology

The study of biology encourages and creates a strong foundation in logic, scientific communication and higher-order critical thinking skills that are crucial for success in further scientific study. Importantly, HSC biology also supports further education by incorporating practical elements of scientific research and presentation.

Unfortunately, biology is frequently viewed as an ‘easy’ subject. However to be a high achiever in this HSC subject requires careful exam technique and in-depth knowledge of all topic areas.  Since many students find it difficult to remember all the required information, and frequently fail to comprehend the meaning of exam questions, extra guidance in this area can considerably improve exam performance.

How We Coach HSC Biology

Here at Master Coaching, teaching goes beyond the HSC biology syllabus, helping students to understand the core principals of scientific study and practical study skills that are invaluable for further education and HSC success. Our focus is to help students achieve their potential in a supportive environment that carefully balances in-depth syllabus coverage with detailed exam and assessment preparation.

Each week, classes are structured to support and extend students’ learning and abilities by:

  • Assessing the students’ progress and understanding using topic-specific HSC exam questions.
  • Providing a comprehensive and in-depth summary of an area of the biology syllabus, whilst continually testing the students understanding throughout the class.
  • Concluding the class with specific planning for assessments and advice on exam technique.
  • Giving students weekly homework, with feedback provided by our experienced tutors.
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