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A school is a stepping stone for a student’s future. The HSC results let you take admission in your preferred university and also let you opt for the subjects that you want to take up in the University level. To achieve your dream, the selective high school can play a major role. Any comprehensive school cannot give you the advantages that a selective high school can offer. Being the government schools, the selective high schools offer a challenging and nurturing atmosphere for the high achievers. Now, the average students can also dream of getting through the Selective high school test. Master Coaching, one of the leading high school tutoring centers offer selective high school tutoring in Sydney. We can help the average students to give a tough competition to the extraordinary ones and get through the selective high school test smoothly and successfully.

Benefits of Selective High School

  1. Competitive Atmosphere – When you select the selective high school test, you choose to compete with other gifted children. Although it might be stressful, entering the competition can motivate you to perform better. It helps you to set a goal and achieve it confidently without deterring from your decision, which indirectly makes you strong-willed.
  2. Collaborative Setting – When you decide to work toward the selective high school entry, you find similar like-minded students around you. The students collaborate and work to achieve the same goal. When you have the aptitude to go through the selective high school entrance test, you find healthy competition to know more and gain better knowledge.
  3. Fee Structure is Economical – The private schools are expensive whereas, the selective high schools being run by the government are economical. Despite the difference in the fee structure, selective high schools generally out perform most of private schools and produce much better results.
  4. Internal Vs External Ranking – achieving the best ATAR is the ultimate goal for every student. there are two components to the ATAR, the internal and external rank. The internal ranking is based on the marks achieved from the assessments examined in school for each of the subjects. The external ranking is based on the performance of all the HSC students being examined in your child’s school. Together the average of both your child’s internal marks and external marks become the deciding factor of your child’s HSC subject mark.It is important to know that the external HSC subject marks and overall success from the school’s cohort will scale your child’s ATAR according to the overall success or failure of your school. The better the performance of your school in the HSC external exams, the better is the moderation of your internal marks. By being a student at a selective high school, your child will benefit dramatically from the scaling as the students in selective schools generally have a higher average internal and external marks. If you unexpectedly did not perform well in the HSC exam, your internal rankings will remain high (thanks to your fellow students) and your ATAR result will be scaled up accordingly. On the other hand if you did not study at a selective high school, you might be affected by your fellow students and be scale down (in spite of the fact that you have performed better than you could ever imagine).
  1. Experienced Teachers – In selective high schools the teachers are the most experienced ones as the students are extraordinary and have a higher intellect than any average students in the comprehensive schools. The teachers are more accessible and prepared to answer. Although attending to many in a class within a specified time period often makes it difficult. Whether comprehensive school or the selective high school, Master Coaching offers selective high school tutoring with some of the highly qualified and ATAR holding tutors to make your journey towards achieving ATAR of 95 and above smooth and achievable for any students.
  2. Level Up with the Performance of Your School – When you are in the best selective high school, the Band 6s are very common for all the students. For instance, if your assessment mark is 80 and your external HSC exam mark is 90, which is the usual average marks for all your fellow students in selective high school, the internal assessment marks also become 90 to match the standard of your school. When you are in a good school, your performance is automatically enhanced. With the best students studying in the selective high school, the school’s internal assessment average marks are significantly scaled up higher when the school performs well as a whole in the external HSC exams.
  3. Beat the Top Rankers in the Comprehensive School – When you are in a selective high school and an above average student, you can even leave the top rankers in the comprehensive low ranked schools behind. You can perform better than the top student at considerably the poorly ranked schools. At the low ranking schools, unless and until you rank 1st in all the subjects, you carry the risk of being pulled down by the bad performance of the exceptionally poor students.

Why Study with Master Coaching’s Selective High School Tutoring?

However great your school performance and rank is, you need to set the goal towards very high marks in order to maintain your ATAR score. Although the internal assessment marks can be moderated, the HSC exam marks remain unchanged whichever school you attend. At Master Coaching, we understand the importance of such crucial HSC external exam marks and offer high school tutoring under the guidance of some of the best and highly qualified teachers.

It is often seen that the students become demotivated and feel pressurised due to the pattern set for the high-achieving students which are on the difficult side. The high school tutoring module at Master Coaching eases the worries faced by the students and makes learning fun and interactive. From HSC Maths to HSC English and Chemistry, Biology, Physics to Creative Writing the selective high school tutoring program covers all with adequate revisions and tests. The corrections and analysis on a continuous basis with feedbacks and homework ensure that the learners are prepared to face the HSC exams without any worries and with confidence.

With some of the great benefits of the selective high schools, it is always good to encourage the students to prepare for selective school entry and enroll in a selective high school. We offer high school tutoring to the students and help them excel to achieve top scores in both internal assessment and external HSC exams.

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