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Students will learn to:

  • Speak with confidence and clarity
  • Think on their feet
  • Collect and use relevant information
  • Improve presentation skills
  • Enjoy speaking in public
  • Present themselves at interviews
  • Be better prepared for school assignments and the future workplace
  • Understand the need for good communication skills in the workplace
  • Develop critical and creative thinking skills
  • Enhance interpersonal / teamwork relationships

Note: All courses are aligned with both state and Australian National Curriculum outcomes

Assessment processes within schools require students to deliver oral presentations that determine students marks and/or rank

Proposed Outline:

  • Overcoming nerves
  • Speech structure
  • Making your point clearly and concisely
  • Body language to enhance speech delivery
  • Voice for impact
  • Giving feedback
  • Enhancing your message with stage presence
  • Using visual aids
  • Language that evokes the senses and captures audience attention
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